Bullmastiff Bite

All dogs bite – this is a known fact. There is, however, a breed of dog whose instinct is to pin the quarry rather than to bite him or her. This breed of dog is called the bullmastiff, a cross-breed between an English mastiff and an English bulldog. This breed of dog is even tempered and never excitable, the reason why instead of using its teeth, it uses all its strength to pin its victim to the floor or to the wall. Even though bullmastiffs are intimidating, they were specifically trained not to bite anybody. This is a breed of dog that can be characterized as very reliable and observant. A bullmastiff has a very pleasant nature, and it is generally passive unless aggravated. This doesn’t mean, however, that the bullmastiff would not bite. A bullmastiff bite is dangerous as it can lead to long-term medical complications. If a bullmastiff does bite, however, the owner is held responsible for the actions of his or her dog. Dog owners are obliged to follow leash laws, but it is the insurance companies which are the ones responsible for compensating the victims of a bullmastiff should it decide to bite.

If a bullmastiff attacks, one is advised to seek medical attention immediately. He or she should go to the hospital to have his or her bullmastiff bite inspected by a doctor. Writing down contact information about the bullmastiff is important. Saving evidence of the attack is also crucial. Photos of the scene as well as torn clothing are important types of evidence which can be used by the victim in filing his or her case. This is because a person bitten by any dog has legal claims. Dog bite lawsuits happen when the bite is grave enough to cause injury, mental stress and hospital bills to the person bitten by the dog in question.

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To avoid a bullmastiff bite, one is advised not to approach a bullmastiff that is not on a leash and that is not with its owner. One should never walk toward the dog or put his or her face in front of the dog’s face to try to kiss it. This may startle the dog. Moreover, one should never pull the dog’s tail or poke at it. One should never stare at the dog’s eyes as this may be confrontational to the dog. One should never run, jump or yell around a strange dog. Best of all, one should not run from a dog as this will be followed by a chase.

A bullmastiff is a friendly, obedient dog reputed to be uncontrollable if not trained properly. This is the reason why children and adults alike should be careful around them. Having them on leash by their owners will help prevent a bullmastiff bite which may cost the owner lots of insurance money. While bullmastiffs are kind and submissive, they have bad humor, too. Even loyal, even-tempered dogs such as these may find themselves attacking someone if they feel they are aggravated.

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