Bullmastiff Training

Welcome to Bullmastiff Training, I’ve set this website up to help people with their Bullmastiff obedience training problems.

Most dog owners would think it’s impossible for their dog to exhibit rude behaviors. There are certain habits and/or behaviors which dogs do such as barking back that are actually signs of rudeness. Bullmastiffs aren’t saved from these behaviors, and owners should be careful when handling their dog. Bullmastiff training is one way to solve these rude behaviors, and owners can elicit the help of a dog trainer in case the dog is becoming difficult. It’s highly ideal to have bullmastiff training when the dog is still a puppy, so that by the time it grows up, the owner and the dog trainer wouldn’t have to worry about the size of the dog.

When bullmastiff training is conducted to correct irregular behaviors, it is best to focus more on “respect training”. Some behaviors shown by bullmastiffs (and dogs in general) that can come across as rude are: refusing to give something up, running away from the owner when it is being called, continuous pestering, stealing food, and finding ways to get back at the owner when things don’t go the way the dog wants to.

The reason behind these rude behaviors is that the bullmastiff thinks that it is on the top of the “pecking order”. The pecking order is a code used by dogs which determines which dog leads the pack. The pack leader is the Alpha, the Supreme Being – which is usually the strongest and fiercest dog. In this case, the owner should be the pack leader. Perhaps due to improper or insufficient training, the dog thinks it is the pack leader since it dictates what its owners can or cannot do.

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Owners would usually say that they want to be friends with their dog. Dogs, however, always look for a form of hierarchy. If the owner fails to command respect from the dog by being firm and consistent, the dog will do that for its “pack” by assuming the role of the pack leader. Once the dog does, the owner will have problems. Bullmastiff training will help rectify this problem, since the dog will see that its owner is the one assuming the role as the leader of the pack.

Teaching the bullmastiff to respect its masters is a very important factor in dealing with these rude behaviors. Once the owners assume the role of the leader, the dog would feel more secure. The dog would know that it can turn to its masters for help or guidance whenever something unfamiliar comes along. Dogs would also know how to behave properly and what might happen if they cross the line set by their owners through training. Training the dog can also help make the dog smarter, since its brain is utilized more and more. This would help the dog exercise what limited mental abilities it has.

In order to prevent these behaviors from happening in the first place, a bullmastiff puppy should be trained to respect its owner and behave properly. Although personal dog trainers have expensive fees, they can help owners avoid paying a lot of money to replace items which their dog has destroyed.

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